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Haircut Deals at a Barbershop Could Save You Money

If you live sparingly and you need to make value-based decisions on how to spend your money and stretch it out as far as you can, then haircuts will always be the easiest way to save money.

Now to save money on your haircut doesn’t mean that you need to look shaggy or homeless with hair that looks crazy and wild.

Haircuts might not be a hundred percent necessary, but there are alternative options you can use to save money on haircuts, and still look presentable.

Look at the following strategies on how you can reduce haircut costs:

Some of the haircut deals that can possibly get from your barbershop

Haircut coupons

Many of your barbershops and salons will advertise special discount coupons on haircuts in their local newspapers, fliers and even on sites online, to promote their services. Make sure to regularly check on these sites, fliers and in the newspaper for special coupons. You can also ask your barber if, where and when they will have coupons available.

Stretch out your visits to the barber

Unless your hair growth hormones are overactive and freakishly, you won’t need haircuts every 6 weeks, even if your barber suggests that you do. You can stretch it out to maybe 8 weeks or longer. Minor trimming and grooming at home in between cuts can work perfectly unless you have a special event or occasion you need to attend.

Volunteer for new haircuts that your barber want to try out

You can tell your barber that you are willing to give them the chance to try out a new haircut, in order to see what it look like. Sometimes barbers have an idea of a new style for men’s hair, and you might not pay anything to be their model.

Invite some of your friends to go to your barber

Sometimes your barbershop will have free or lower cost haircuts you if you invite a new friend to also use your barber. This means a lot to your barber because its new clients coming to the barbershop and it will grow the business.

The barber that cut your hair

With an older and more qualified barber, your haircuts will be at a higher price, as when you use a young junior qualified barber to cut your hair. You shouldn’t be afraid or embarrass to ask what different options they have available, in order to get a haircut at a lower cost. Remember that the junior barbers also need practical experience.

Try to get appointments during the week

Most people prefer to go to the barber over weekends, so when you choose to go during the week when they are not so busy; you might get your haircut at a lower rate. Many barbershops will have haircuts at a special rate during the week when it is quieter. With some, it might only be certain days of the week.

Pensioner and student discount

Most barbershops will have a special day set aside for pensioners to get their haircut at a discount price. For students, they might have student cards that will allow you to get a special discount price on your haircut. When you go to a barbershop ask them about these options, and which days will be applicable.

Go to your local owned barbershop

Look in your area for a local owned barbershop. They are skilled and professional barbers that can give you the same as not a better haircut than what a unisex salon can. Barber haircuts are also less expensive and it is a wonderful experience to relax and visit among other men. You can bond with friends and discuss anything from family to politics. Once you had the experience of a classic barbershop, you will never again settle for anything else.

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