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Living in this world

Living in this world

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Today's Sports Cars Not Built Like They Use to be

Looking back over time at the changes not only found with regular cars but moreover with sports cars we see a dramatic change. They don’t make them like they used to. Today’s sports cars are quite bland and looking very similar to each other.

Looking at sports cars from the 50’s and 60’s compared to today’s ones actually, makes your heart cry. Especially if you are a true sports car lover. Yes, not everything from that timeframe was great, most bucket seats were uncomfortable and the engines roars were overpowering. Yet, each one was unique and had a story to tell.

We all have our own unique style and taste, many of us love to stand out, to be noticed. Just imagine driving down the road in your Corvette or Mustang from the 50’s, or parking that bright Cadillac from the 60’s outside the club. If we could get these cars with easy to find spares and today’s current features, I would be first in line to purchase one. I am sure you would be too.

So, what is the issue?

Safety is the number one issue along with manufacturing and maintenance costs. Reports showed that during 1964 the death accounts per 100 miles of traveled roads were at an astounding 5 plus. With all the added safety today, that number is basically 1. In 45-years technology has made such an impact that it is now safe but has lost all that classical sports car vibes that was so alluring.

Production costs are a major issue, yes, I agree. However, surely with today’s advancements, there are more affordable ways to build these great giants and to make parts that are affordable. Today most cars are merely seen as a means of transport instead of the enjoyment of driving, the exhilarating feeling and the wind in one’s hair.

Advancement in technology is also one of the reasons these sports cars are going extinct. Cars were more than just a method of getting from point a to b. It was the only way friends could get together, go for a movie or pop in at the roadhouse down the street. These days all the younger generation does is order in, skype, text or video call.

 A true car lover and enthusiast will know these muscle cars were about more than just a ride. The driver and his or her car were involved in a love affair of sorts. Sports cars were sculpted, they showed your personality, your style, and characteristics.

Where has all of that gone? Some say it is for the best and other may agree, it is a timeless experience lost to your youth and to the generations to come.

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