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Cardiac Rehabilitation for Heart Patients

The heart is obviously a very important organ in the body that requires care but also one that is at risk of failure. When someone experiences a heart attack or failure, the cells of the heart muscles get damaged due to oxygen deprivation. Other problems can also necessitate heart surgery which damages the cells of the heart muscles.

When these cells are damaged, they need adequate care so that they can recover properly. The targeted recovery of the heart is referred to a cardiac rehabilitation. Besides the clear benefit of faster recovery due to rehabilitation, the heart muscles are particularly at risk because they don’t regenerate, so focused care is needed. This is why cardiac rehabilitation is so important.

What are the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation?

Cardiac rehabilitation will not change your past. However, it can make your future look a lot much better than when cardiac rehabilitation is not performed. We’ve already seen why cardiac rehabilitation is carried out, but what are the benefits of undergoing the intervention compared to those who don’t get it?

Reducing the chances of subsequent heart problems

Once the heart has been damaged in some way either due to failure or due to surgery, it becomes at risk of further complications. Fortunately, the heart can sustain several heart attacks, but each attack, causes an increased weakness of the heart, so it’s best to avoid repeat attacks. Actions involved in cardiac rehabilitation are aimed at improving the health of the heart muscle cells, thereby preventing repeat heart attacks.

Reducing recovery time

Without intervention, it may take a while for the heart to recover after it gets damaged, but cardiac rehabilitation aims to reduce the time it takes to recover fully. Just like physical therapy is recommended for individuals recovering from physical injuries, cardiac rehabilitation has the same effect on the healing process. The faster you heal, the sooner you’re able to get back to your regular activities.

Counseling on lifestyle changes

In order to improve your heart’s health, you will be trained on suitable diet options and exercises that will help maintain your heart’s health. This could involve counseling to avoid harmful substances like tobacco or weight problems to avoid obesity. All these counseling measures are part of cardiac rehabilitation, and they all contribute to the benefits of undergoing the steps.

What can you expect in cardiac rehabilitation?

It’s normal to wonder what cardiac rehabilitation involves, and also important to know. First of all, cardiac rehabilitation is a continuous process that begins with training and then follow-up to monitor your progress – not a one-time thing. Some of the training you will receive will be on:

Diet and lifestyle choices

We all know the effects being overweight can have on your body and particularly the heart, but it can be difficult to make the change on your own. Through cardiac rehabilitation, experts talk to you and help you create a diet plan that will be more favorable to your heart. Besides weight, you may need counseling to help you quit some behaviors such as cigarette smoking, which also contributes to the heart’s poor health.

Physical exercise

Physical activity strengthens the heart so that it is able to handle its job, but you can’t just do it on your own. You need a specialist to create a personalized exercise regimen targeted at your heart’s current condition, and this is done during cardiac rehabilitation.

Remember that cardiac rehabilitation can do a lot for the health of your heart, especially when coronary artery disease develops or when a heart attack is already behind you. It is also a great way to recover after a heart surgery or heart failure. Cardiac rehabilitation for heart patients is a team effort as you normally don’t face your heart problems alone.

Your family and friends are of a great help, of course, but professional care from health care providers is a must. A special program is designed for every heart patient based on his/hers current health, the undergoing heart problem that led to the need of a cardiac rehabilitation on the first place, other chronic medical conditions, etc.

With this specific program designed just for you, you will be able to change your lifestyle, the way you eat and what you eat, start exercising instead of spending hours in front of a TV or computer, while it teaches you how to reduce and eliminate stress as well.

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