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Why You Should Choose a Dental Implant for a Long-Term Solution to Tooth Loss

When you are losing one tooth, then it is usually an important factor. For this reason, many people will opt for the quickest. What they think is the most cost-effective solution will be their choice, but often this will only provide a short-term fix.

When you visit the dentist to investigate options for replacing missing teeth, it's quite likely that they will suggest dental implants. They feel it being the best and most long-lasting solution. They know this treatment is not the cheapest or the quickest. If you can, try to take a long-term view about your appearance.

Why Dental Implants Have the Edge Over Other Treatments

One of the most important reasons for choosing a single dental implant is the fact that it is a jawbone. Dental implants are the only treatment that will prevent your jawbone from atrophying. This is an important factor for your dental health.

Preventing Bone Loss

Anytime you lose a natural tooth, the bone that used to surround the tooth root will begin to resorb. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. When you lose bone, it can have a destabilizing effect on the adjacent teeth to the gap.

Any type of tooth replacement should be done on the gum tissue. While initially, the replacement tooth will fit snugly on the gums. Continuing bone loss will eventually create an unsightly gap underneath the replacement tooth.

This can also trap food which can become very irritating pretty quickly. With dental implants, bone loss is prevented as the implant will root your natural tooth. This will provide all the stimulation required so bone cells are renewed.

At the same time, your dental implant will prevent the teeth adjacent to the gap from moving out of position so they remain strong and stable. It will also make the teeth opposing the gap, preventing them from moving out of place. This could not affect your bite and the stability of these teeth.

No Need to Modify Healthy Teeth

With other types of tooth replacement, your dentist will certainly improve your natural teeth. Either to support a dental bridge or to possibly support the clasps of a partial tooth. Any type of modification to perfectly healthy teeth is undesirable.

It will mean that the dentist is removing some tooth structure which increases the risk of these teeth becoming infected and decayed in the future. This will not happen when you choose a dental implant as it is self-supporting and will only have a positive effect on your dental health. By replacing any teeth that are missing, you also help to even spread the forces created during chewing and biting. This has a protective effect on your natural teeth.

More Cost-Effective in the Longer Term

It 's true that you' ll have a dental implant. In the longer term, a dental implant can prove more cost-effective. Dental implant treatment has a 95% or higher success rate.

Your dentist can carefully screen patients for this treatment as we want to make sure you enjoy your dental implant for many years to come. Provided you look after your dental implant, there's a good chance it could last for life. This revision does not necessarily mean that the intervals are not the same.

If you choose a dental bridge then this will likely mean replacing three teeth. This includes the two abutment teeth supporting the single replacement tooth. When you compare this to replacing just a single implant-supported crown it is affordable. The cost is lower, and this is considered aesthetic benefits.

Single Dental Implants Can Look Amazing

While your dentist can fabricate beautiful bridges made from advanced and extremely lifelike porcelains, the replacement tooth will still be resting on the gums. With an implant crown, it will look like a real tooth, emerging from your gum tissue just like one of your natural teeth. Other than the dentist, anybody looking inside his mouth will be very hard pressed to tell it was not real.

Single Implant Teeth Are Super Easy to Look After

A single dental implant is really easy to look after so you should not have any problems maintaining it. Just like your natural teeth, you can simply brush and floss around your single dental implant to keep it strong and healthy. It's really important to pay attention to your oral hygiene after having dental implant treatment.

Even though the implant tooth is not real, it still surrounded by living tissue that without the proper care will become infected. It's worthwhile spending a few minutes each day making sure you keep your implant crown and the rest of your natural teeth thoroughly clean. All dentists will also strongly suggest you have regular dental checkups with your dentist.

You should also have your teeth professionally cleaned at the same time. This preventative dental care routine will help you enjoy the results of implant treatment for many years to come.

Can Anyone Have Dental Implants?

This is what dentists are most likely to be suitable for treatment. However, they will need some information about your medical history. Any medication currently prescribed to the outcome of implant treatment.

It's also important to be a non-smoker. If you do smoke then you must leave for at least the duration of treatment. This includes the jawbone.

This is because smoking can interfere with the healing process and can greatly increase the chances of implant failure. For those reasons, dentists would much prefer it if you could quit completely. To find out if dental implant treatment could help you or if another solution would be more suitable, please contact your dental office for an initial consultation. It's your opportunity to learn much more about this treatment, Including of course the costs Involved.In the meantime,

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