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Living in this world

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Different Reasons your kid have Missing Teeth

Most adults have 32 teeth that generally develops from age 1 to age 18, but there are people out there that never develop all their teeth. About 20% of all the adults in the world are missing teeth that never developed. If the teeth do not develop it is called congenitally missing teeth, or as is the science term for it, hypodontia.

Congenitally is the most common dental abnormalities, it is more common than double teeth. Thus, you don’t need worry if your kid has missing teeth because it is a normal thing.



Here are the teeth most commonly missing (congenitally missing teeth)

  1. Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the very last teeth in your mouth. Wisdom teeth are one of the commonest congenitally missing teeth of all the teeth. Adults with missing teeth is about 20% of the world’s population. Yet, if you subtract the percentage of adults without wisdom teeth there is about 5% of adults left that has other missing teeth.

So, if your child never gets his or her wisdom teeth it is normal. But believe me when I say they can be lucky, because if the mouth is too small for wisdom teeth they hurt like crazy when they come out. Generally, these then have to be removed.

  1. Second Premolars

Second Premolars are the 2 teeth in front of the molars teeth. If you only have one in front of the molar teeth it can be a congenitally missing tooth, or maybe they had to take one out if you had braces.

Thus, if your child gets braces they will probably take out one of the second premolars to make space for the teeth to align properly. However, if there is no second premolar that comes out, it is congenitally missing.

  1. Upper Lateral Incisors

These teeth are the two teeth that are next to the two front teeth. These are also ones that usually are congenitally missing.

  1. Lower Central Incisors

The Lower Central Incisors are the two front teeth in the lower jaw. There are adults out there that still has their front baby teeth because the adult teeth never can out. If your child has their baby teeth (in the lower jaw in front) when they are all grown up it is fine.

Congenitally missing teeth are mostly found in adult teeth and not in baby teeth. There is about a 0.5 to a 0.9% of kids that have congenitally missing teeth. If your child has congenitally missing baby teeth there is probably not going to be an adult tooth.

Why a tooth is congenitally missing

Congenitally missing teeth can be a genetic thing. It could run in the family, or it can be that the tissue inside the gums that forms the tooth is not there. This tissue is called dental lamina.

In my own opinion, I think that we, the human race is in a stage where we are developing less teeth than what we are supposed to have. I think in the future we are going to have 20 teeth instead of 32 as more and more people never develop all their teeth.

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