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How to treat muscle pain?

A person’s body is almost completely made out of muscles. Muscle pain is an everyday common pain. Everyone has or will experience muscles pain in their life at some point. Muscle pain can be experienced in most body parts. There are many different reasons that one’s muscles may be sore and there are many solutions to fix them. Muscle pain can also be experienced in different pain levels.

Cause of muscle pains

Myalgia is an illness which is a common reason a lot of people have muscle pain. Myalgia feeds off the muscle causing it to be painful. Myalgia is caused by too much stress in a person’s life.

Other reason that may also be the cause of pain can be due to physical activities or too much tension placed on the muscles.

If you over use the muscle without prior warming you are going to hurt the muscle. This usually happens when you are doing physical activities.

You can also injure the muscle if you are doing hard physical work that is not naturally part of your daily activities or even with exercises.

You may hurt the muscle if you are applying tension to one or more muscle tendons unequally.

Medical conditions that can cause muscle pain

Muscle pain can also be caused by numerous medical condition. It is most common to get muscle pain from stress or physical activities. But like myalgia, there are other medical conditions that may cause the muscle to be in pain.

Infection may also cause your muscle to be in pain, for example, polio, flu, or even a bacterial infection in the muscle.

Fibromyalgia is one of the most common medical conditions.

You might have an autoimmune disorder, for example, polymyositis, lupus or even dermatomycosis’s.

Your body might not have enough potassium (hypokalemia).

You might be using a drug that causes the muscle pain, for example, cocaine, statins or ACE inhibitors.

Or you may have problems with your thyroid, for example, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Home treatments to help ease muscle pain

Depending on how bad your muscle pain is, will make a difference for the home treatment to work. Most of the time home treatment works very well on muscle pain.

You might try these treatments…

If there is any inflammation in the muscle apply ice to the muscle, it will help to reduce the inflammation and assistance to ease the pain.

Just resting the area that is painful will work well. Enough rest and the muscle will recover.

You might also consider taking over the counter pain killers, or consult your pain management doctor for pain relief injections to help ease the pain.

When you decide to use the ice to help with your sprain or strain in the muscle, you must use the ice alone for the first three days before you start applying warmer heats to the muscle. After the first three days, you can start applying warmer heats to the area.

Another thing you might want to try to help with the relief is…

You can try to stretch the muscle. Not too much, stretch a little bit at a time.

Try not doing too much when you have muscle pain until the pain has passed.

If you are crazy about weight lifting but you hurt the muscle, then try not doing another session until the muscle has recovered completely.

You can also try to do exercise that will help you relax and keep you stress-free.

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